Hello my Wheatless fans .

Feel free to share your experiences , recipes and don't forget to give my recipes a try. Mom tested kid approved ! Wheat free people UNITE . We shall not suffer in this wheat eating / wearing world .

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Lately I have been busy working, being sick / crazy allergies , and doing the mom thing . I have not had much  time to get inspired  . My reason for the inspiration this week has come forth out of the curiosity of glutionus rice flour . 

My first thought down the aisle was yuck gluten . Silly me . Rice doesn't have gluten . It just means the sweet sticky rice flour . So now I'm cruising the blogs for simple quick recipes to  try out . Feel free for some suggestions . I already attempted dumpling with a not so yummy outcome :P . 

Also having been so busy I haven't been meal planning as much and when that happens the door slamming begins . I don't mean big doors I mean my pantry and fridge doors as I wander between the two with a hungry tummy hoping something will catch my eye . You know what I'm tired of fruit / veg and water . Done. Even dairy booring . I just want to bite into a gooey ready made pizza or have a fekking sandwich that I don't have to use a microwave to thaw the bread first and burn my damn hands on . Honestly when hunger creeps up on me I just want to tantrum like my 3 1/2 year old . 

So getting past my hunger pangs I am going to be trying more ethnic recipes . I have a whole bag of tapioca starch which only cost me $1.99 and a bag of glutinous rice flour which was about $4 . So this is me going off now to search for great new recipes on the web . Wish me luck .


Doing the family thing with Kara  & Sheila at Science World . Was so much fun !