Hello my Wheatless fans .

Feel free to share your experiences , recipes and don't forget to give my recipes a try. Mom tested kid approved ! Wheat free people UNITE . We shall not suffer in this wheat eating / wearing world .

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Deep fried buns

                              Oh yes I did . 

Deep fried hot dog buns . 

It was a rather hot day when I attempted to make corn dogs . I swapped out regular milk from my corn dog recipe from my earlier post and replaced it with the equivalent of almond milk . It turned out doughy not like batter at all . So I added water and no luck . I attempted to wrap it around the hot dog with not much luck . So instead of scrapping my dinner plans I got creative and threw in a oval shaped dough mass into the fryer . After 5 mins I took it out sliced the middle open ( but not all the way ) then threw it back in the fryer for another 3-4 minutes to finish cooking the soggy center . Placed it on a paper towel to drain the extra oil . It was amazing . I love the taste of corn dogs so this was like 2x the amount of corn wrapping goodness .   Might make some hamburger buns with the next attempt .  Hope this gets your creative mojo going . 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Well thats a pisser

So today I had a gluten attack . Took my Immodium and felt fine . 30 minutes later I didn't . I had tossed out my package and never thought to look at the ingredients again. Never thought there just might be lactose in it .  I recently found out my allergy pill had lactose too . What am I supposed to do . Suffer with a swollen throat and whole body itching ? Or hope that the lactose doesn't kill my guts as bad as a gluten attack . ARG ! Its crazy . Why must these companies put all these extras in there ? Does it really hold a benefit to the action of the pill ? There must be another way . Wheat binders and lactose added . We need simpler times for meds . Cut out the crap already.  Back to scanning the aisles for GFCF pills I guess . This hasn't defeated me just added another small bump in my unpaved road of life . guh .

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pistachio sesame cookies

I'm back in the kitchen . Whipped up some GFCF cookies today . All that research paid off I guess . I made alterations so this would be gluten free since it was already lactose free . I didn't call for much flour which was nice too . Only a tablespoon and I used my favorite sweet sorghum . 

Pistachio sesame cookies . 

Monday, July 19, 2010

I am back to being inspired!

My daughter playing outside at grammi s  while mom reads recipe books in the shade.

I was over at my moms today and grabbed up her old martha stewart holiday magazine . Holy cow evil lives in that magazine ! The pictures of cookies alone are enough to make me wanna tear up . Reading though it though definitely got my cooking mojo going . I'm in love with pistachios and found a recipe for pistachio lemon drops which I NEED to make . I used to love pistachio ice cream soo much I would drive 20 minutes just to get it . Now the lactose has taken that away too . Oh well . I was eying my moms ice cream maker up in the loft and just might have to create some almond milk ice cream too!

Another great thing about summer is the BERRIES . I've stocked on blueberries I have 2 1/2 boxes of them . Any ideas on what I should make ? Any summer faves you'd like to share?

Keep checking back I'm bound to make something soon .  

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm looking for a challenge

This is me bored and out in the sun. Help a girl out.

As the heat cranks up my ability to create new dishes fades . I'm looking for someone to challenge me to make something gfcf  adapted from a regular recipe if you want . I will post photos and my recipe for all to see.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Guest bloggers

If you have some recipes to share or stories to tell please email me at leahavery@live.com and I'll post them for you .