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Monday, July 19, 2010

I am back to being inspired!

My daughter playing outside at grammi s  while mom reads recipe books in the shade.

I was over at my moms today and grabbed up her old martha stewart holiday magazine . Holy cow evil lives in that magazine ! The pictures of cookies alone are enough to make me wanna tear up . Reading though it though definitely got my cooking mojo going . I'm in love with pistachios and found a recipe for pistachio lemon drops which I NEED to make . I used to love pistachio ice cream soo much I would drive 20 minutes just to get it . Now the lactose has taken that away too . Oh well . I was eying my moms ice cream maker up in the loft and just might have to create some almond milk ice cream too!

Another great thing about summer is the BERRIES . I've stocked on blueberries I have 2 1/2 boxes of them . Any ideas on what I should make ? Any summer faves you'd like to share?

Keep checking back I'm bound to make something soon .  

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