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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Well thats a pisser

So today I had a gluten attack . Took my Immodium and felt fine . 30 minutes later I didn't . I had tossed out my package and never thought to look at the ingredients again. Never thought there just might be lactose in it .  I recently found out my allergy pill had lactose too . What am I supposed to do . Suffer with a swollen throat and whole body itching ? Or hope that the lactose doesn't kill my guts as bad as a gluten attack . ARG ! Its crazy . Why must these companies put all these extras in there ? Does it really hold a benefit to the action of the pill ? There must be another way . Wheat binders and lactose added . We need simpler times for meds . Cut out the crap already.  Back to scanning the aisles for GFCF pills I guess . This hasn't defeated me just added another small bump in my unpaved road of life . guh .

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  1. There is another type of pill that works well from accidental contaminations (or if you are going to be eating in an environment that has high contamination possibilities). It's from Enzymedica and it's called GlutenEase, it encapsulates most of the gluten and some of the casien, you can take the milk pill for the lactose at the same time I think but you need to check with the company for that. It is casein free, so no lactose or dairy. The capsules are cellulose, so no corn either.
    The Gluten Free Specialty Store in Sacramento carries them, and I think you can order from the company directly, but if you can't, I think you can order from the store and then have them shipped to you. Good luck!