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Thursday, January 13, 2011

This weeks finds

So this year I decided to do some weekly finds . One of my favorite little shops to go to is the Food Warehouse on west 1st street right off of Lonsdale . I popped in there while hubby was getting comics and took K with me . We love poking around in there . They have unique treats and foods from many different backgrounds .

This week I found some amazing noodles . They are made by the King Soba company in a dedicated gluten free facility WOO HOOOO ! They were about $4 for the bag . I picked up Pumpkin Ginger Rice noodles and Sweet potato & Buckwheat noodles . I tried out the Sweet potato ones that night with some marinara sauce & chicken . They were nice . The flavor wasn't overpowering and they cooked quickly . Like in 4 minutes which is awesome .  I am going to give this weeks find 4 stars .

Also I want to thank the Blue Diamond company http://www.bluediamond.com/ for coming out with some wheat/gluten free crackers  . They proudly support the Celiac Disease society . They have a line of nut & rice crackers which are excellent . I am fond of the chedder ones and so is the rest of my family  ( I think next time 2 boxes are needed ). I found these at Pricemart and the Food Warehouse for around $4

Also it seems my lactose intolerance has some what decreased as I have been able to reintroduce some dairy products back into my lifestyle . This makes me extremely happy as I have a love of dairy .

Has anyone else found some hidden gluten free jems ?

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