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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Taste testing Beer & Sweet potato fries

So this summer with a lil help from my friends I discovered 2 other beers that are safe to drink . I was honestly shocked about the first one . BUDWEISER! Lo and behold its a rice beer surprise! Welcome back to my life . And the other Yanjing beer from china was very good . Quite a light beer good for those summer days by the beach . It does have barley but I seem to have no problem with it .

Next up is Alexia and their Sweet potato fries

Restaurant quality right from your oven . Crunchy exterior soft center delicious . They use a blend of corn, tapioca and potato starches and rice flour to get that crunchy texture . I picked these up at whole foods on sale for $2.99 . They also have a chipotle flavor as well  . Two thumbs up !

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