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Thursday, March 11, 2010

eating wheat

The most painful food I cant eat is the one which seems to be in the majority of the food produced . Honestly would you think of wheat when you put that BBQ sauce on you dinner ? No you wouldn't . Unfortunately it took me a few times to realize I need to check everything . Sauces , spice blends , ice cream and soo much more .Its overwhelming . Its not just looking for Wheat on the labels it also modified cornstarch because you know regular cornstarch is too expensive so lets just add some wheat to cheapen it up .

Ordering out is now quite difficult . You can usually get away with a salad but don't get any dressing because you never know and always state no croutons or you'll end up with a salad you cant eat . Sure you could try and pick them out but if you are supersensitive it only takes a crumb .

Forget Pasta . No industry out there uses the rice noodles I love ... unless its Chinese , but they get you with the sauce. :P

Thats all the blogging for now .

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