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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wheat & the Celiac

I never knew something like this could be triggered or fully activated by child birth . I did have some symptom before giving birth but I never did relate it to something like a wheat intolerance . I was diagnosed with arthritis in my early 20's , had problems with being anemic , trouble with joint pain , and would bloat up at least 2 pant sized after eating almost any meal. After having my daughter it got immensely worse . Severe abdominal cramping so bad it felt like labor pains , running to the toilet and staying there for long periods of time which is hard with a newborn , getting the shakes , fatigue , and becoming malnourished .I lived with that for 3 months not knowing what was causing it .

I eventually went to the doctors they told me to watch what I was eating and limit the caffeine . So basically I was on my own trying to figure out what it could be . No more fast food seemed to help and eating more dairy based foods like yogurt and cheese did too . Thing is those replacements were for my breakfast and snack which both contained high wheat intake .So it took me 2 months after my appointment to figure out it was wheat . Its not like I had heard of anything like a wheat intolerance before of any of its side effects .

I've been wheat free for over a year now . I feel much much better . No more bloating , belly aches , arthritis , or anemia . Also a plus is being 45lbs lighter without having to exercise . Whoop! My story continues but I will save it for another day .

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