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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Not milk !

So I have been pretty quiet on here the last few days . Just been trying to wrap my head around becoming lactose free . As I already knew that many celiacs have this intolerance and I had been hoping this one passed my graces but alas as of last week it became obvious that it was catching up to me . As I am saddened to see this come about I just take it as another glimpse of learning the science of what makes me work . Everyone is different . Some things work for most people and some don't  .

I am also learning more about the ways food effects us which can be really fascinating or really disgusting . I can no longer watch the show unwrapped . It just ruins food for me . I've always been trying to put healthy benefits into my cooking with natural fresh food . Like when I need more antioxidants in my diet hello bell peppers everyone loves a stir fry right ! Or when your sick . Ummmm vegetable soup anyone ( gluten free of course ) I make my own .

So milk is gone . I have found a suitable replacement for my morning coffee already . No way I'm giving up my coffee EVER . Almond milk YUM . I don't like the soy or rice ones I've tried so far so almond it is . If anyone out there has a favorite of either of those please share so I don't waste my time or $$ . Now the recipes I make will be both gluten AND lactose free . Any suggestions for butter replacements ? Will post some recipes soon for all you followers out there . Just need more time in my days ...

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